Version XIV

Actually I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve rebuilt my portfolio site. 14 versions is a best guess, but nowhere near the amount of times I’ve started sketches for it. I’m always hardest on my own designs. The only thing for sure I wanted was to go minimal as possible and build up from there. This past year I decided to stick with WordPress as my CMS of choice. The first WP version of this site used a Genesis Framework and Template. Now I’m finally getting around to creating my own templates as I go.

I’m using Required+ as my parent theme and building my own child themes. Required+ uses the excellent Zurb Foundation for layout. Unfortunately it uses ver 3 – version 4 was just released.  And it has significant changes.

It’s always something in this business.


Premium Blend


Oil and Gas Investor’s Premium Blend Video Channel was launched in September.   UHY is the official sponsor of this initiative.  Updates are posted weekly and focused on current magazine topics.   This is the first responsive design for Hart Energy. Visit the site here.


Kathleen Lolley

Failed Experment

I’m a big fan of Kathleen Lolley’s work. View (and purchase!) her work here.

If you are in my house you can see “Failed Experiment” up close and personal.


Deep into percentages

Responsive Layouts. Image from http://johnpolacek.github.com/scrolldeck.js/decks/responsive/

30 days into responsive site design… After spending some time building a responsive site from scratch in my spare time, I’m getting to learn it at the office also. Things move at a quicker pace in the business world so I’ve decided to look into two of the more popular responsive frameworks – Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation by Zurb. We have one video based project that a responsive design will work perfectly for. Not limited to the main site restraints, I’m creating a responsive site to display a video portal for one of Hart’s flagship brands.

So far, I have to give it to Foundation. I was up and running in my basic layout in less than an hour after install. Meanwhile, trying to reproduce the same layout in Bootstrap was a headache. This was due to incomplete instructions/files in their downloads. I downloaded both a full version from the main site and also from github. 3 hours wasted, only to find out an important file was missing from both. I spoke with another designer that also had the same issues in the setup.

Foundation also has styles for a responsive video (div) element . With this I’m able to create a large video player on desktops and also have it re-size to the screen width on smaller clients (iphones ipads, etc).

For the presentation version, I ended up using Bootstrap for the main layout but also borrowed the Foundation Video styles. I’ll post the final once we launch!


Digging Into WordPress

book Cover
As a new convert to WordPress, I’m finding this is an essential book to have. Can’t wait to break this down chapter by chapter and also use what I learn to improve this site.


Responsive Web Design

And so begins another challenge in web design for me.  As I write this,  I’m in the early stages of this site.   Responsive design is the use of flexible content that allows your site to adapt to the users viewing environment.  This will enable users across a broad range of devices and browsers to access a single source of content.   This is preferable to serving up a completely different site – at least for this sites purposes.

I used flexible layouts with tables back when they were the rage (90’s???) but this is a different beast altogether.  There are so many different devices available for users today.  So many that I will never get my hands on,  much less read about.

I’m a little late to the party but I’m gonna close it down!  Who’s with me?