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Web design from the ground up, pixel by pixel

Welcome to futurebutterflies, a Houston, Texas design shop. I create solid designs for fun clients. Call me today for your design needs.

I’m a Web Designer and Front-end Web Developer based in Houston, Texas. Thanks for visiting my site. Here you can view my digital portfolio showing my collection of web designs, photos, logos, and projects. I’ll also post blog entries concerning web related topics including web design, CSS, HTML, WordPress, and anything involved in my career at the moment. I enjoy meeting new clients that place a high value on how their brand is represented.


Web Design + Coding

Do you already have a website that just isn’t cutting it from a design or functionality standpoint? I specialize in designing eye-catching and easy-to-use websites. Let me help you plan the next phase of your website. A fresh digital presence, complete with a well thought out layout and user interface will help you attract even more customers. In addition to design, I’m also technically proficient to realize those designs using semantically-valid code and the most current and efficient programming languages for the job: HTML5, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Content Management Systems

Want to be in complete control of your site? You’ll need a Content Management System (CMS) to go along with your new design. I will convert your freshly designed site into a template tailored for major CMS apps such as Joomla, WordPress and MODX. A CMS has many important benefits, allowing you to:

  • create and maintain your own content from any web browser;
  • add images and multimedia files to enhance your site’s content;
  • configure access for as many users as you like and control who can edit what content;
  • add open source extensions such as forums, polls, shopping carts and search fields; and
  • keep the site’s design consistent, as all design elements are stored separately from content, making sure all content added to the site has a consistent look and feel.

Brand + Identity

Is your company or product missing a cohesive, clear and well-designed brand and overall identity? I can create unique, easily recognizable logos that capture the essence of your business or product to properly get your message out to potential customers. We’ll work together to determine the best colors, fonts and imagery for your needs.


Does your new site need a new home? I can help you set up or transfer your domain to the right host server in several easy steps. I can host your site or manage your site with your preferred Internet service provider.

For Developers

Are you a web developer in need of a site design? If you don’t have the time or aren’t sure how to match your back-end development with a clean-cut design, I can help you get your creative vision online.
Your coding is at the heart of your website — and it deserves a design that’s just as worthy.